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Lime Quarry


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Lime Quarry Reservation

The Lime Quarry Reservation was acquired in 1967 as a 26-acre parcel and expanded in 1976 with the addition of 40 additional acres. Both purchases were made possible with Commonwealth of Massachusetts Self-Help funding the 64-acre parcel lies betweenLittleton Road (Route 110) and 1-495. This site is the former location of lime quarries and kilns dating back as far as 1736. The quarries operated until 1830 and were a major source of lime for plaster for homes in Chelmsford and Lowell.  The trail, which begins at the Littleton Road parking lot. Work is ongoing to maintain and upgrade the trails, bridges, signs, and boundary markers of the Reservation and it is intended that the old quarry areas and kilns will be made a central focus of the property. The area, due to its unique geology, supports a number of locally uncommon plants, which are only found in areas of high PH, as exist in limestone.

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