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Forefathers Burying Ground

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Established in 1655, Forefathers Burying Ground is one of the oldest cemeteries in the Merrimack Valley. This historic cemetery hosts the final resting place of many Chelmsford notables. You can visit the grave site of Grace Livermoar, Chelmsford's first midwife and the first person to be buried in the cemetery in 1690. Captain Joseph Warren, a town selectman who fired the Minute Gun in 1775 to call Chelmsford Minute Men to march to Lexington and Concord, is also buried in this cemetery. Another Chelmsford Minute Man, Joseph Spaulding, has a gravestone here. Spaulding is responsible for firing the first shot in the Battle of Bunker Hill.

The sites of all of these historical graves and more can be found on a cemetery map near the front gate.

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