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Cranberry Bog Reservation


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Cranberry Bog Reservation

     The Cranberry Bog Reservation is the most recent major addition to the Conservation Commission's inventory of land, purchased in 1986. The Bogs are a unique natural resource approximately 316 acres, 165-acre Cranberry Bog in South Chelmsford. The other half is in Carlisle (151 acres) this site is the headwaters for the Cranberry bogs in Carlisle. The trails are limited. A main trail leads in from the Elm Street parking lot is mainly a wide flat trail to the small Dam where the trail gets narrow around trees and over tree roots, Then the trail widens again and connects with another trail leading to the operating bog in Carlisle. These trails are on causeways and peninsulas. Much of the property is wetlands, which provides important habitat for wildlife. Horses and trail bikes use the trails. It is a great location to observe migratory waterfowl during the spring and fall migrations. There are also resident populations of mink, otter, beaver, great blue heron, deer, and other mammal’s reptiles, amphibians, and birds. It is also an excellent warm water fishery, with a naturally reproducing population of largemouth Bass and chain pickerel.

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