What is a Business Certificate?
A business certificate is a registration of a business that is being conducted within the Town of Chelmsford. It is commonly referred to as a "d/b/a form" or "Doing Business As". Its purpose is primarily for consumer protection and public information purposes. Essentially, the public has a right to know who "is" a particular business, since a customer will not know who "owns" the business simply by the name of that business.

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1. What is a Business Certificate?
2. Who must file a Business Certificate?
3. Who must sign the Business Certificate?
4. How long are the certificates good for?
5. What if I go out of business, change my residence, change the location of the business or want to change the name of the business?
6. How much does it cost to file a certificate?
7. Must I display a copy of my Business Certificate?
8. What is the penalty if I do not file a certificate or statement?
9. Where do I get the forms and how do I file?
10. Does the Business Certificate give me the right to operate my business?