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Aug 06

Citizen Petition Warrant Articles for 2014 Fall Annual Town Meeting

Posted on August 6, 2014 at 9:38 AM by Paul Cohen

Five citizen petition warrant articles for the October 20, 2104 Fall Annual Town Meeting were submitted by the August 4 deadline.  Jerry Loew submitted three articles that would amend the Town Charter and Town zoning bylaw in order to change the membership of the Zoning Board of Appeals from appointed officials to elected officials.  Pat Maloney submitted two articles.  One would fund the design and renovation of the new DPW facility at 9 Alpha Road in order to consolidate the DPW vehicle maintenance operations that remain at 54 Richardson Road.  The other article would fund the demolition and disposal of the current center fire station at 7 North Road and grade the site to the level of the roadway.

Citizen Petition Warrant Articles