Stormwater Utility Program

In 2016, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released new stormwater regulations. The Town of Chelmsford is required to file for a permit to allow the discharge of stormwater into water bodies around the Town. The new permit requires the Town to increase our level of management and maintenance of stormwater infrastructure.

In January 2019, the Stormwater Utility Fee was implemented to fund Stormwater Management Operations. The fee applies to all parcels that have impervious cover. This includes residential and commercial properties as well as nonprofit and tax exempt properties.

Single-family houses are assessed an annual flat fee of $62. Multifamily households who receive individual Town of Chelmsford, DPW Sewer bills, are assessed an annual flat fee of $62. Some multifamily complexes and all non-residential properties are assessed an annual fee based on a tiered structure of impervious area which runs between $163-$31.579 annually. These annual flat fees are split in half and billed bi-annually on your Town of Chelmsford DPW Sewer bill. 

Stormwater Utility Informational Links below:

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