Mattress and Box Spring Recycling

Announcing a change to mattress and box spring the curbside collection program effective November 1st, 2021

In an effort to continue to reduce our environmental impact, the Town of Chelmsford in a partnership with UTEC Mattress Recycling, will begin to recycle mattresses and box springs collected at the curb. Not only will this divert material from the incinerator, but it reclaims valuable material from the waste stream and supports a local social services enterprise.

The Town has been awarded a Mattress Recycling Incentive grant from the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MA DEP) to develop a recycling program that will eventually be mandated by the State through a waste ban on mattress and box spring disposal. In order to take advantage of subsidized recycling costs and to adapt to this change before it is required through legislation, the Town of Chelmsford is rolling out the new program on November 1st, 2021.

Residents will now need to visit Mattress Recycling - UTEC (  to schedule and pay for curbside collection of mattresses and/or box springs. The fee for pick up is $30 per piece ($30 for the mattress and an additional $30 for the box spring). Mattresses and box springs will be scheduled to be picked up from the curb twice a month and you will receive your scheduled collection date in a confirmation email from UTEC once scheduling is complete.

MATTRESSES ACCEPTED: Traditional mattresses, mattress & box springs; full foam mattresses; discolored or worn mattresses that are not wet; twin, double, queen, king, CA king and crib sized.

MATTRESSES NOT ACCEPTED: NO futons or fold-out sofa beds; NO mattress pads or toppers; NO infant sleeping pads; and NO air or water beds.

PLEASE NOTE: Our trash hauler will no longer be picking up mattresses and box springs at the curb. 

If you have questions or need assistance scheduling online, please call Chris Haley, Sustainability Manager at 978-250-5203.