Stormwater Management Master Plan

Chelmsford has developed a Stormwater Management Master Plan (SWMMP) that captures Chelmsford's current management efforts and operations, federal stormwater permit compliance requirements, and identifies future needs for a sustainable stormwater program. This plan presents a pragmatic, cost-effective approach to addressing drainage infrastructure needs while considering local, state and federal water quality initiatives to protect our valuable water resources now and for future generations. 

Additional information is included in the following documents:

Stormwater Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) Project Maps

Stormwater Management Master Plan Executive Summary

Stormwater Management Master Plan 

Appendix A - Definitions & Abbreviations

Appendix B - Map & Database of Stormwater Assets 

Appendix C - Dam Information 

Appendix D - Public Engagement Materials

Appendix E - Prioritization Methodology & Matrix

Appendix F - Stream Assessment Recommendations & Costs

Appendix G - Flood Area Summary Sheets

Appendix H - Hazard Mitigation Plan Stormwater Actions

Appendix I - Culvert Summary

Appendix J - MS4 Compliance Information 

Appendix K - BMP Retrofit Areas

Appendix L - Final Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)