Construction Site Safety


The Chelmsford Fire Department enforces provisions for construction site safety in accordance with the Massachusetts Comprehensive Fire Code, the Massachusetts State Building Code, NFPA 241, Standard on Safeguarding Construction, Alteration, and Demolition Operations, and the CFD Construction Site Safety Regulations (link below). 

You can also view NFPA 241 along with many other NFPA standards in their entirety for free by visiting

Contractors must have a construction site safety plan in place and submitted to the Fire Prevention Office prior to beginning work. Review of the Fire Prevention Plan will be reviewed by the Fire Prevention Office as part of the building plan review. 

No burning of construction materials or demolition debris is allowed in the Town of Chelmsford under any and all circumstances. 

All waste containers larger than 6 cubic yards must be permitted by the Chelmsford Fire Department.

Contractors should submit their NFPA 241 Plan concurrently with their plan review application.

Construction Site Safety Documents

Required Permits

Permits are required for the following. Permit applications can be obtained through the Chelmsford Fire Department Online Permitting System
  • Use or placement of a dumpster or waste container greater than 6 cubic yard capacity
  • Torch applied roofing operations
  • Placement of a tar kettle on a roof
  • Use of salamanders and temporary heating equipment
  • Hot work, including welding, cutting, and grinding operations
  • Installation or modification of any fire protection system. 
  • Temporary storage of propane or flammable and combustible liquids/gases
  • Click here for the Town of Chelmsford Online Permitting System!