Chelmsford Solar

  1. Chelmsford installed solar PV systems on seven of the Chelmsford Public School building’s roofs as well as the Chelmsford DPW building as part of the Chelmsford’s Energy Savings Performance Contract implemented in 2013. In addition, there is one ground mounted array at the Harrington Elementary School. In total, the solar arrays have a combined capacity of 2.33 MW. You can see the real-time production of these sites from the following links.
    McCarthy Middle SchoolSouth Row Elementary School
    Parker Middle SchoolCommunity Education
    Chelmsford High SchoolCenter Elementary School
    Harrington Elementary SchoolDepartment of Public Works
    Byam Elementary School
  2. The Town entered into a power purchase agreement with Syncarpha Bolton LLC to purchase 100% of the energy produced at the Bolton Orchard’s solar array.  The field produces ~5-6.5 MWh of electricity annually and Chelmsford buys the Net Metering Credits at ~75% of their value.
  3. Chelmsford released a Request for Proposals to build a large solar PV field on a capped landfill located on Swain Road in Chelmsford for the purpose of a Community Shared Solar Project.  This solar field, when completed by a contractor selected by the Town, will allow residents who are unable to install solar on their property to purchase electricity produced by solar panels.