Charter Review Committee

 Committee Members: 
 Douglas Byron Bruce  (978) 455-1414
 Daniel W. Burke  (978) 256-7840
 Samuel P. Chase  (978) 256-5617
 Valerie Diggs  (978) 973-1273
 Michael McCall  (978) 251-3157
 Vice Chair
 David J. McLachlan  (978) 256-7272
 Sheila Pichette  (978) 452-5919
 Glenn Thoren  (508) 254-4241

Mission/Philosophy Statement

The Charter Review Committee will scrutinize and evaluate the existing Town Charter to ensure an appropriate, effective and accountable organizational structure of Chelmsford government for its residents and constituents and, if necessary, recommend any change to the Board of Selectmen by August 2017.

High level questions to be addressed in the Charter review:

  • Does Chelmsford government achieve the highest level of integrity and ethical behavior? 
  • Does the Charter encourage participation by the residents and constituents in Chelmsford government?
  • Is the structure of Chelmsford government (elected and appointed) appropriate to deliver services to residents and constituents in a timely and cost efficient manner? 
  • Does Chelmsford government provide sufficient responsibility and authority to encourage efficiency and provide strong financial controls?


In reviewing the Charter the committee will be Open, Transparent, and Respectful.
Open - We welcome input from all constituencies - Residents, Businesses, Employees - including outreach where practical.
Transparent - We will conduct open, televised meetings with opportunity for anyone to address the Committee.
Respectful - We will consider all input as serious, regardless of the method of delivery.
Town Charter

2006 Charter Review Committee Report and Minutes

2016 Charter Review Committee Agendas and Minutes

Survey Form

The Charter Review Committee welcomes anyone interested in providing input to the process of reviewing our town charter to attend the Charter Review Committee meetings for public input or during a special public input session as indicated on our calendar. The Charter Review Committee is willing to entertain a Skype session for those that are home-bound. Or you can fill out the Survey Form and have your comments go directly to the Charter Review Committee.

Public Input session dates:

10/25 at the Town Hall
11/29 at the Town Hall