Jeffrey Taylor

JefreyMy name is Jeffrey Taylor and I worked at the town Clerk’s office from fall 2015 to spring 2016. I am sixteen years old and attend Innovation Academy Charter School (IACS), Tyngsboro. In school I enjoy English, History and Chorale (our most advanced choir). In school I am heavily involved in my school’s chorale music program, participating in all our travel competitions, as well as being involved in the north east district Sr. District choir, as well as being the only singer accepted into the Massachusetts All State Chorus program. I was also elected by my peers in a school wide election to serve our school as a representative in the Massachusetts Student Government Day program at the state house. I have also served as the co-leader of our recently initiated broadcasting program in school. Outside of school I have been involved in the IACS Drama program since eighth grade starting in middle school and leading into where I am now in high school. On top of Drama, I also play tennis at Westfit and CS&T year round. Some of my other interests include Classical piano and voice. In College I have an interest in studying communications and political science incorporated with some aspect of music.

While in my internship, you may have been able to find me searching through filing cabinets, setting up for elections, scanning forms, or even scrounging around the basement vault. Although I wasn’t scrounging in the vault, I was in there creating a full catalog of all the Clerks Office’s records dating from the town’s inception till its most recent records. Later the catalog which I created was sent to the Boston Public Library where they are being scanned and uploaded into their electronic records. Although this may have been one of my larger, if not my largest achievement in the Clerk’s office, I have also helped frequently with voter registrations, census form scanning and general election procedures such as counting voting forms as well as preparing the supply boxes to be shipped out to each precinct’s voting location. Through my time at the Clerk’s office, I have a vastly greater understanding of the meaning of being a citizen in my community and to my own personal civic duties. It’s through this that I’m glad to have spent my year at the Town Clerk’s office, searching and exploring through town databases, filing cabinets, or the enormous pantry of exotic teas.