Gift of Chelmsford

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The GIFT of Chelmsford Program is a "Buy Local" initiative. The program is a partnership between the Economic Development Commission, the Chelmsford Business Association and the DECA club from the Chelmsford High School.

Program Overview

  • Promotes local purchases through a tangible gift certificate
  • Gift certificates are available in $10 and $25 denominations
  • Managed by the Town's Community Development Department
  • There are no fees and / or surcharges for participating.
  • This is not a high school project, but rather an official Town program

How the Program Works

  • Gift certificates can be purchased in person at the Town Offices, the Senior Center, the High School Main Offices and at various community events.
  • Gift Certificate can be used at any business that is registered in the program. A registered business will have a window cling on display. (see reverse for current Business Listing)
  • Gift certificates must be used for no less than half of the Gift Certificate value.
  • Upon the completion of the retail / services transaction, if value remains on the certificate, the customer receives the cash value and the business keeps the certificate.
  • The business will take the gift certificate to any bank and will be able to cash and or deposit it as an ordinary check
  • Gift certificates may not be replaced if lost or stolen
  • Gift certificates are valid for seven years from date of issue.

Benefits of the Program

For the Community
  • Keeps the money circulating within Chelmsford and promotes locally-owned business
  • Increases revenue of small businesses
  • Encourages people to shop Chelmsford
For the Businesses
  • No registration fee
  • Free advertising
  • Increased customer traffic
For more information please go to then click on the green "Shop Chelmsford" icon
For questions please email or contact at 978-244-3341