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September 22, 2014


Effective September 29, 2014, Weston & Sampson Services, Inc. has been awarded the contract to inspect and repair residential low pressure sewage pump systems within the Town of Chelmsford. This contract was awarded pursuant to section 132-2 of the Town of Chelmsford Code.

If your grinder pump is out of warranty and you are in need of service, call Weston and Sampson directly at the number below. Only units that are out of warranty are covered by the Town. Grinder pump repair or replacement due to misuse or abuse (see attached insert) will not be covered by the Town.

Note: It has been found that undissolved powdered laundry or dish detergent may cause unnecessary grease build up. Grease removal is the responsibility of the homeowner.  

For out of warranty repairs contact:

Weston & Sampson: 978-328-0235

For in-warranty repairs contact:
E-One grinder units only – call FR Mahony: 508-765-0051

In-warranty units with retrofits – call the installation contractor, distributor or manufacturer directly

All grinder units and systems will remain personal property. By requesting service you are authorizing the Town and/or its agents to enter your property for the purpose of providing inspection and repairs.

For questions or concerns please contact Weston& Sampson at 978-328-0235 or email