Andrew Destrempe

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My name is Andrew Destrempe and I am a senior at Chelmsford High School. I first saw the advertisement for the CLERK internship on the school website. I thought it would be a great opportunity to find out more about town politics and government. It has always interested me how such a small office like this one can obtain, file, and administer so much information. Which is precisely the reason I wanted to learn more. The staff here is awesome! Everybody is just so helpful, and courteous to every person that walks through the door or calls on the phone. I absolutely enjoyed every minute I spent there.Lions
Through this internship, not only do you learn and take away knowledge of how the Clerk Office is run, but you also take away valuable work experience. While at the Clerk's Office you learn how an office is run and the skills it takes to participate in the running of the office.

During my time at the Clerk’s Office I got the wonderful opportunity to work at a town election. It was great! Personally I am not old enough to vote just yet and remember coming to the polls with my parents and not really knowing what was going on. I knew they were voting, but for who? Why? I learned election day is just one day but preparing for the election takes weeks. I got to see everything. I even got to make one type of hand-count ballot! I didn't even know those existed until I learned what they are used for. A couple days before the election I got to help set up the booths and the signs. It was pretty hard work if I do say so myself. Finally, it was election day where I met my prescient and I got to work as a ballot box attendant for the afternoon and night shifts. It was very rewarding especially since you know you are giving back to your community.

I worked as an intern here at the Clerk’s Office from September of 2013 to June of 2014. I do not and will never regret that decision I made to take on this position as an intern. A special thank you to office staff: Jennifer, Thad, and Bernie and let’s not forget the best Town Clerk, Onorina Maloney. Thank you!

I look forward to attending Middlesex College and studying Information Technology.