Chelmsford Regulations

The Town of Chelmsford is working to protect water quality by keeping pollutants out of stormwater. We are also trying to prevent flooding and erosion by managing stormwater flow. We need to comply with new federal and state stormwater requirements and we need your help.

Stormwater Bylaws & Regulations
Stormwater Management Bylaw – /DocumentCenter/View/13253/Stormwater-Management-Bylaw 

Stormwater Management Regulations/DocumentCenter/View/13254/Stormwater-Management-Regulations-

Illicit Discharge Bylaw –
Town Bylaws - § 142-6 – Discharge of water to public ways or sidewalks; discharges to storm sewer system.

Changes to the Site Plan Review Process:
The site plan shall be accompanied by drainage calculations stamped by a registered professional engineer. The stormwater system design shall conform to the current Mass Department of Environmental Protection Stormwater Policy. See Section 2.6 of the Planning Board Site Plan and Special Permit Regulations for further criteria. [Amended 10-15-2012 ATM by Art. 19]  (Site Plan Review) § 195-104- E 4

Mass DEP Stormwater Handbook

Some of the requirements of the Stormwater Handbook by MASS DEP

  1. No new storm drain outlets may discharge untreated stormwater directly to or cause erosion in wetlands or waters of the Commonweath.
  2. Post-development discharge rates should not exceed pre-development discharge rates.
  3. Recharge stormwater back to the groundwater.
  4. Remove 80% Total Suspended Solids (TSS).
  5. Erosion, sedimentation and pollutant control plan must be in place for construction activities.
  6. Long Term operation and maintenance plan must be developed.
  7. No new illicit discharges to the stormwater system are allowed.

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