Jeffrey You


The Chelmsford Town Clerk’s Office has offered me a unique and beneficial opportunity to exploit my interests during the summer of 2013. As a rising senior at Chelmsford High School, I knew I needed some work experience to explore potential career paths. The CLERK Internship program satisfies this need wholly. In the modern world, work experience in an office is essential to almost any career. As new generations appear in the modern workforce, solo practice is diminishing while collaboration is stressed. As an intern, I have been collaborating with other employees and interns on various projects in order to gain experience working with others in a workplace environment. I am most surprised by the amount of tasks that the Clerk’s Office is responsible for. It seems that whenever a resident has any question about nearly anything, the Clerk’s Office is sought out first. Then, either by phone or in person, the employees at the Clerk’s Office answer the question or direct the resident to the correct department. As an intern, I have been tasked with projects that range a wide variety of topics, including entering vital records, working with the E-911 Data Management Center, updating the Town Clerk’s Office web page, and designing a bulletin board featuring all of the interns. I enjoy coming to the office everyday to continue with a project or start a new one and help out with all that the Clerk’s Office needs to get done. This experience has certainly offered me a glimpse into what it is like to work in an office alongside people who strive to serve the people of their community.Lions

Other than working at the Town Clerk’s Office, I enjoy playing basketball, playing the violin, and camping. I hope to obtain a job in the field of Medicine and Healthcare where I will be able to improve the quality of life for other people.

Fun Fact: I once ate a fried scorpion covered in hot sauce. It was very crunchy!