Sourabh Marathe


My hobbies include playing chess, shooting hoops and playing TF2. I am going to be an applied physics major at Northeastern University this fall. I picked this major because I have always had an interest in mathematics and how it relates to science. Lions

During my time at the Town Clerk's Office, I learned a lot about how the Town of Chelmsford works. I never realized how much work is put into the census, elections and vital records. All of these functions are important in making sure that the town runs smoothly and that the work is completed in a timely manner. One way the internship experience has changed me the most was that it gave me a glimpse into the challenges that the town clerk faces. In the end, the most important thing I took away was that I learned how local government works and how important it is for everyone to participate.

Fun Fact: I am bilingual. I can speak both Marathi and English!