Devin Steele

Polling Place
I have always been interested in design of all kinds. As a child, I loved playing with Legos and wood blocks. I was always designing something, whether it was drawing pictures of buildings or cars. I have a talent for art and drawing, which helped to steer me toward architecture as major and future career. I am currently going into my sophomore year at the Wentworth Institute of Technology.

LionsI attended grades K-12 in Chelmsford, starting at South Row Elementary, then McCarthy Middle School, and finally Chelmsford High school. I have always been able to find joy in almost any activity. I took karate for many years and earned my black belt in Kenpo Jiu Jitsu. I also competed competitively in basketball. After basketball, I moved on to try new things and found joy in track and field where I did sprinting and the pole vault. After track, I pursued rowing and rowed for Essex Rowing Club until high school ended. My boat medaled at many competitive races including the Head of the Fish in Saratoga.

After graduating with a degree in architecture, I plan to obtain LEED certification along with a Master’s degree. I am very interested in green design, how structures interact with the landscape and how buildings interact with people. I am also very concerned with how energy is generated and how human impact on the built landscape affects the environment.

Fun Fact: My thinking and views on life have helped give me peace in the world. I am quite a Zen person. After having a class on Theology and reading the Dalai Lama’s The Art of Happiness, I have always been able to be happy, and find the positive side of everything! I exhibit this in my everyday life and in my life ambitions.