Hendrik Mahling

Hendrik at work     Hendrik

Before graduating from Chelmsford High School I was unsure of which career path I wanted to embark on, I was always interested in social studies but was unsure of how to turn my passion for this subject into a tangible career, regardless I decided to attend college in Germany my country of national origin.

Since graduating from Chelmsford High in 2011 until this past fall I attended junior college in Germany in order to be able to pursue a bachelor’s degree at a German university. During my time at junior college I attended courses in: Economics, Business Administration, Political Science, Calculus, Statistics, and English as a foreign language (This course was terribly difficult).

During my time at junior college I realized that I would love to work in a job that would involve international relations between the USA and Germany in either the public or private sector. After this realization I decided
to study economic geography starting in the fall of 2013. This major studies how different regions interact
with each other, and spatial economics; among other core areas.

In the time between graduating from junior college and the start of my bachelor’s degree I wanted to gain practical, real world experience in a field that I was interested in, which is why interning at the Chelmsford Town Clerk’s Office was such a great fit for me. During my time at this internship I have learned many invaluable skills about the procedures and the daily tasks in a professional workplace. The matters that the Town Clerk’s Office handles such as demography and political infrastructure are of interest to me and also provide me with hands on experience in subjects that I will deal with during my studies. My experience at the Town Clerk’s Office will also get me a foothold in the political world which will help me gain experience in understanding the US political system if I intend to pursue a path as diplomat.

The day to day tasks have been interesting, challenging, and also intellectually fulfilling as I have been able
to implement my own ideas and systems in organizational and procedural task, and I am thankful to have the opportunity to work here and learn from the team at the Clerk’s Office.