Police Services

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Special Services Division-Traffic, Community Policing, Problem Orientated Policing, K-9 Unit, Family Services, Auxiliary Police Unit, Marine Division, Motor Unit, Mountain Bike Unit

  • Lt. Jason Poor
  • Ph: 978-256-2521 ext. 111

Accident Reconstruction

  • Ph: 978-256-2521 

K-9 Officer

  • Officer David Leo
  • Ph: 978-256-2521 ext. 152

Child Passenger Seat Installation

  • Sgt. William Carlo & Sgt. Daniel Goguen
  • Ph: 978-256-2521 ext. 278

Family Services - Elder Affairs, Sex Offenders, Crime Analysis, and Firearms Licensing

  • Detective Christopher Mauti
  • Ph: 978-256-2521 ext. 237

Parking Clerk

  • Melissa Nolan
  • Ph: 978-256-2521 ext. 124

You may pay your parking ticket online here. Please contact parking clerk if your ticket has been marked at Registry of Motor Vehicles.

Records - Accident & Police Reports, Alarms

  •  Allie Hayden
  • Ph: 978-256-2521 ext. 125

You can access your crash report online. To get your report you will need the Police Report # and

date of accident.

Accounts Payable

  • Kathleen Bennett
  • Ph: 978-250-5291

Chelmsford Police Athletic League