Domestic Violence

Preventing Abuse

Domestic violence is a serious crime and is not simply a family matter.

The Chelmsford Police play an important role in preventing abuse among family members. Police officers are most often called upon to intervene when domestic violence occurs.

Police officers are usually the victims first contact in the criminal justice system. They provide the information and assistance to victims who are unfamiliar to the criminal justice system. They provide information on the abuse prevention act and can initiate any emergency action necessary to protect victims of domestic abuse.

If you have any questions regarding domestic abuse or the Abuse Prevention Act or are a victim of abuse by a family member, please contact Detective Christopher Mauti at 978-256-2521 ext. 237.

Further Information

If this is an emergency situation, dial 9-1-1 and an officer will respond immediately to your needs.

If you need outside help, please see the following numbers or website:

  • The Alternative House
    • Ph: 978-454-1436
  • The Battered Women Shelter
    • Ph: 800-400-4700
  • Dove, Inc - Domestic Violence Ended