Human Resources 

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The Human Resource office manages employee health, dental, and life insurance, workers' compensation, and injured on duty claims. The Human Resource office is responsible for recruitment, selection, classification, records management, and new employee orientation.

 New!   Retiree Rates for Over 65 - January 1, 2024

                              Over 65 Open Enrollment November 1-30, 2023  

FY24 Insurance Rates

MIIA is offering a new Cost-Share Assistance Program starting 7/1/2023. This program will lower and even possibly remove Rx co-pays on certain prescriptions for employees enrolled on the group health plans.

Health Insurance for Employees and Retirees Under 65 

Blue Care Elect
HMO Network Blue New England
HMO Blue Select
Fitness Benefit Form
BCBS Enrollment & Change Form 

Dental Freedom

Dental High Plan $1,500 Max.
Dental Low Plan $1,000 Max.
BCBS Enrollment Change Form
Dental Claim Form for Reimbursement 

Blue 20/20 Vision Plan

Blue 20/20 Plan Summary
Blue 20/20 Plan Design Insight
Blue 20/20 Application/Change Form

Flexible Spending Account (FSA) 

What is Flexible Spending?                                                                                                        FSA Enrollment Form
Dependent Care Enrollment Form

Mental Health Care for Chelmsford Residents and Town Employees  Learn more at:


Open Enrollment for Medicare Supplemental Plans is happening the month of November for Retirees and Spouses 65+.   

Benefit Comparison Chart
Blue Medicare Rx (PDP)
BCBS Medex Enrollment Form
Medicare Advantage PPO Blue with Freedom Rx
Medicare PPO Blue Freedom Rx
Medicare Advantage PPO Blue Enrollment Form
Medicare Advantage PPO Blue Rx Formulary

Retiree 65+ Health Insurance Plans - Contact HR about the application process below: 

Retirees enrolled in group insurance with the Town of Chelmsford must apply for Medicare Part A & Part B insurance benefits through Social Security Administration prior to reaching age 65 (up to 4 months prior) to enroll in a Medicare supplemental plan offered by the Town of Chelmsford.  

For retirees not currently enrolled in the Town of Chelmsford group insurance who are looking for supplemental insurance to Medicare, Open Enrollment for 65+ Medicare Supplemental coverage is the month of November with benefits starting on January 1st. 

Marketplace Health Insurance Coverage Option under ACA
Notice of Health Ins Marketplace Option under the Affordable Care Act 2013
ACA Required Notice Massachusetts Health Connector