Board of Registrars


  • Curtis Barton
  • Patricia E. Dzuris, Ex-officio
  • Thomas R. Fall
  • James M. Lane

About the Board Members

The Board of Registrars (or in the cities are referred to as Election Commission) are appointed officials which consist of four members. Two are from the Democratic Party and two are from the Republican Party. The town clerk is an ex-officio member and whatever political party he/she is, then one more member is appointed from that party and the other two members come from the other party. The Select Board with a recommendation from the Democratic or Republican town committees, appoint each registrar for a three year term.

Functions of the Board

The Board of Registrars main functions are to assist the Town Clerk's Office with any and all elections. They prepare the voting list used at all elections, conduct all requested recounts, and are in charge of the annual town census. Due to budget constraints the Board of Registrars operate under the town clerk's budget with the everyday functions being handled by the town clerk's staff.