Yard Waste & Composting

Leaves, Grass Clippings, Brush & Composting Information

Leaves and grass are banned from the trash! See below for options for leaves, grass clippings, brush, Christmas trees, and other organic material.
  • Compost your yard waste and kitchen scraps for free in your back yard.
    • You can compost in an open pile, a homemade or commercially available bin.
Information on what and how to compost can be found here:

Other Yard Waste Options


Jones Farm offers fee-based leaf collection and leaf drop-off services. Bagged leaves must be in Jones Farm bags. Call 978-256-8065.

Leaves, yard waste, brush drop-offs for a fee:

Grass Clippings

Don't bag grass when you mow! Leave grass clippings on your lawn to nourish your new grass. Click here for

Brush Drop-Off

Chelmsford sponsors up to two brush drop-offs a year (spring and fall) at Community Tree, 163 Billerica Road.
  • No charge to residents on our Town sponsored brush drop-off days
  • Chelmsford residents only (bring ID)
  • Bring brush and branches up to six inches in diameter and up to eight feet in length
  • No leaves – brush only
  • Community Tree is available year round for fee-based brush disposal
    • Ph: 978 256-0341

Christmas Trees

Christmas trees are not collected by the town’s hauler. Arrange for collection for a donation to Boy Scouts Troop 70. Email or call 978-764-8377 to schedule your pick up.

Composting Blog

Follow Chelmsford's own Compost Connie as she blogs and explores the fascinating world of home composting!