Organic Waste

Leaves and grass are banned from the trash! See below for options for leaves, grass clippings, brush, Christmas trees, and other organic material.

  • Compost your yard waste and kitchen scraps for free in your back yard.
    • You can compost in an open pile, a homemade or commercially available bin.

Information on what and how to compost can be found here:


  • Do not dispose on Town property or in wetlands 
  • Brush may be burned from January 15th through April 30th
    • Call the Fire Prevention Office at 1.978.251.4288 to obtain a permit
    • Community Tree accepts brush all year for a FEE 

Yardwaste Mulch Image

Christmas Trees 

  • For a donation, the Boy Scouts will pick up Christmas trees after the holidays, visit: 

Pet Waste

  • Dog and cat waste contains much more harmful bacteria than other wildlife
  • Never use pet waste as a “natural” fertilizer or throw it in a storm drain as it washes into the waterways
  • Clean up after pets by disposing of waste in the TRASH, never in the recycling