Electronics, Appliances & Metal

Appliances & Other Large Metal Items

Appliances and large metal items are banned from the trash. Non-working appliances must be recycled. Working appliances should be donated for reuse if possible, or recycled if donation is not possible. Usable metal items such as exercise equipment, metal shelving, file cabinets, metal furniture, etc. should similarly be donated and recycled if not. Metal recycling options are listed below. For donation options for usable appliances, furniture, etc., see Usable Items to Get Rid Of.

Fee-Based Curbside Collection

Call Republic Services at 1-800-442-9006 to schedule and pay for curbside collection of appliances, TV's, electronics and large metal items.

with Freon $31 .50
without Freon $21 .00

up to 24" $26.25
25" and above $32.55
Flat screen TV over 30" $36.75
Plasma TV any size $52.50
Console TV $52.50
Console/projection extra large $60.38

LARGE METAL ITEMS (sheds, furnaces, boilers, radiators, lawn mowers, grills, snow blowers, treadmills, wood stoves)
per unit cost $26.25

TIRES (no rims)
per unit cost $10.50

SMALL ELECTRONICS (VCRs, microwavesetc ...)
per unit cost $10.50

Drop-Off Options

Metal Drop-Off Options

Always call first to make sure they want what you have. Fees may be charged.
  • Max Levine & Co. Tanner Street, Lowell
    • Ph: 978-454-7786
  • W.M. Transfer Facility, Leominster
    • Ph: 978-840-9557

Scrap Metal Collectors

Many folks are collecting metal for no charge at the present time. If you know others we should add to this list, contact the Recycling Office at 978-250-5203. 

Propane tanks are banned from the trash. See the
Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection for tank recycling options. Tanks may be taken to the following in the Chelmsford area – call ahead for fees! 
  • Chelmsford Agway
    • Ph: 978-256-9991
  • Colonial Oil
  • Ph: 978 256-0151
  • Northeast Material Handling
    • Ph: 978-459-9595
  • One-pound tanks are accepted at the Minuteman Regional Hazardous Products facility which is open one day a month from April through November.

Fire Extinguishers

  • Take to Fire and Safety Corp. in Tyngsboro.
    • Ph: 978-649-4945

TVs, Computers & Other Electronics

Call Republic Services at 1-800-442-9006 to schedule and pay for curbside collection