Energy Conservation


To promote the conservation of energy and to help the town to achieve the associated financial savings


The Energy Conservation Committee will assist the town with identifying, designing, and implementing programs and projects for energy conservation, energy efficiency, and renewable energy generation. These programs and projects may include all forms of energy use, including electricity, natural gas and heating oil, and transportation fuels.


The membership of the Energy Conservation Committee shall be appointed by the town manager, with the approval of the Select Board. The term of the appointment shall be three years. The initial appointments shall be staggered for one, two, and three years.

The membership of the committee shall be as follows:
  • Public facilities director
  • A representative of the Chelmsford Public Schools
  • A representative of the town staff familiar with police, fire, DPW, and other department operations
  • Four Chelmsford residents or business owners


The committee may request the formation of subcommittees to assist in its overall mission. A request for a subcommittee shall be presented to the town manager, who shall appoint the members of a subcommittee, subject to the approval of the Select Board.

Committee Activities

The Energy Conservation Committee shall comply with all relevant state and town bylaws and regulations, including, but not limited to, the Open Meeting Law, Public Records Law, and the Conflict of Interest Law.

Current Projects

  • Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESPC): The Town has entered into an $18.1 million ESPC agreement with Johnson Controls. Twenty six energy conservation measures have been implemented in Town buildings as part of this project, including lighting retrofits, building insulation, and an energy management system.
  • Clean Energy Resiliency Grant: The Town has been awarded a $95,242 grant from the Department of Energy Resources to implement an emergency power generation system from clean energy at McCarthy Middle School. McCarthy Middle School has been designated as a shelter during a Town-wide power outage. The project will allow the backup generator at this site to run on energy generated from rooftop solar PV arrays.
  • Chelmsford Choice Program: The Town is currently working with Bay State Consultants and Peregrine Energy Group to develop an energy aggregation plan. The goal of the Chelmsford Choice Program is to choose a competitive supplier that will provide residents with electricity at a lower average rate than National Grid’s basic service rate. The program will result in price stability for resident electricity rates and a green product offering that promotes clean energy generation. Click here for more information.
  • Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Arrays: Solar PV arrays have been installed on all the school roofs and the DPW building, for a total capacity of 2.5 MW. These solar arrays will result in the generation of net metering credits and Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs). Information on real-time energy generation for each site is available here:

    McCarthy Middle School South Row Elementary School
    Parker Middle School Community Education
    Chelmsford High School Center Elementary School
    Harrington Elementary School Department of Public Works
    Byam Elementary School

Department of Public Works
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Chelmsford High School