Public Works


Video of Ribbon Cutting Ceremony July 17, 2013
by Fred Merriam

The Department of Public Works (DPW) consists of Engineering, Facilities, Highway, Parks, Sewer, Solid Waste/Recycling and Cemetery. The primary responsibility of the DPW staff is to maintain all public roadways, public buildings, public parks and public sewer lines as well as conduct and oversee infrastructure improvement projects. The DPW also oversees the collection of trash and recycling as well as periodic recycling events. There are three independent water districts in Town that are not part of the DPW. For water service support, please contact your water service provider directly.

Chelmsford Center Water District: 978-256-2381
East Chelmsford Water District: 978-453-0121
North Chelmsford Water District: 978-251-3931