Public Education


This program benefits the schools and preschools in the Town of Chelmsford. The firefighters will visit all schools up to 4th grade and go over fire hazards with children. How every house / apartment should have an emergency route out of the building and how the family should meet in one spot.

Mock Accident

The Fire Department also holds a mock accident which usually takes place in the spring and is held at the Chelmsford High School. This program is to show what can happen while driving and texting, drinking, or speeding. This is usually held for the Junior / Senior classes.

Car Seats

The Chelmsford Fire Department will install infant car seats at no cost. Please call 978 250 5267 to set up an appointment. Please remember car seat installs are only done when the firefighter is on duty. 
SAFE Firefighter with kid
Firefighters reading to kids