Community Development


To provide a coordinated and comprehensive approach to the town's land use management, planning, economic development, conservation, historic preservation, and future objectives.


Provides administrative and technical support to the Conservation Commission, Planning Board, Zoning Board of Appeals, Community Preservation Committee and Housing Advisory Board as well as a variety of temporary committees. Serves as a policy advisor on the town's long-term and strategic planning initiatives related to housing, economic development, transportation, and open space and natural resources. Assists in creating, updating and implementing the town's master plans, and

provides guidance for a variety of town projects.

Current Regulatory Projects being reviewed by the Planning Board (updated on February 17, 2023)

Riverneck - 191-199-201 - Davis - CEIOD project - demolition of existing office buildings and construction of a new 247,000 sq. ft. industrial facility with associated site improvements.

300 Apollo - Davis - modification to previously approved site plan and special permits to use the existing fire lane access as a dedicated truck access route and to reduce the parking ratio from 5 spaces per 1,000 sq. ft. to 3.5 spaces per 1,000 sq. ft.

270 Billerica Road - demolition of existing office building and construction of a new 85K sq. ft. warehouse and distribution facility. The site is located in the IA zoning district and is shown as parcel Id Map 87, Block 291, Lot 1 and consists of approximately 6.99 acres. The applicant requests special permits per Article XI, Major Business Complex, Article XIV, Aquifer Protection, and Site Plan Review per section 195-104 and any other permit relief as may be required under the Chelmsford Zoning Bylaw to allow the proposed use/project.

264 Groton Road - 2 lot definitive subdivision - a two-lot private way with a two-family dwelling in each lot (total of four new residential units). This property is located in the RC zoning district and is shown as Parcel ID Map 23, Block 92, Lot 8 and consists of approximately 1.81 acres. - continued to 3/8 

250 Apollo Drive - construction of a 36,372 sq. ft. building addition for manufacturing and 14,100 sq. ft. office space with integrated surface parking, loading facilities and on-site infrastructure improvements. The site is located in the IA zoning district and is shown as Parcel ID: Map 75, Block 291, Lot 36 and consisting of approximately 10.99 acres. The applicant requests approval under Article XXI, Community Enhancement and Investment Overlay District (CEIOD) sub-sections 195-111.D (2), 195-115, Special Permits per Article XIV Aquifer Protection District, sub-section 195-74, Article XI Major Business Complexes, and any other permit relief. - Continued to 3/8

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