Data Recollection

Representatives from Vision Government Solutions of Northborough, Mass, a firm hired by the Town of Chelmsford, will perform a Town-wide property re-inspection program that is required by the Department of Revenue. These inspections started in July 2015. This program will take approximately 24 month to complete.
The data collectors or "Lister’s" will carry photo identification. A description of their cars and license plate numbers will be on file with the Chelmsford Police Department and the Tax Assessor's Office. The Chief Assessor, Frank Reen, suggests that homeowners request identification before granting anyone permission to enter their home or business.
During this process Lister’s will visit residential and commercial properties to photograph and physically measure a building's exterior and do an inspection of the interior. Building characteristics such as, size, age, quality of construction, construction materials, improvements, story height and condition are noted. To ensure a home or business is inspected, a homeowner or company representative must sign a property record card to verify the inspection. The entire process takes approximately 15-30 minutes.
The Assessor’s Office appreciates your cooperation and assistance with this procedure. Lister’s generally will be in neighborhoods between the hours of 8 AM - 6 PM, Monday through Friday. If no one is at the home or business on the initial visit; a letter will be sent to homeowners and/or business owners to call and schedule an appointment at his/her convenience.


Vision Government Solution Listers have begun working (July 8th) in the North Chelmsford neighborhoods including the following roads: Cross, Dunstable, Ledge, Mission, Stonehill, Tremont, Tyngsboro & Wellman. (7/21/15) Listers are on: Groton , Campers Trail, Coolidge, Swain, Blueberry, Kelshill & Rhum, as well. (7/28/15) Kennedy, Middlesex, Vinal Square, Wotton, Edwards, Rogers, Sharon, Adams, Newfield, Shaw, Sherman, Cottage Row, Gay, Wright, Mansur, Washington & Princeton. (8/6/15) Church, Quigley, Highland, Scotty Hollow, Kelshill, Ward, Doris, Main, Lynn, Twiss, Leedberg, Willis, First Ave, Needham, Eighth Ave, Shore Dr, Waterford, Mallory, Twelfth Av, Eleventh Av, Kiberd, Ameilia,Fourth Av, Third Av, Fifth Av, Sixth Av, Seventh Av. (9/8/15) Arbor, Beech, Cedar, Church, Columbia, Dartmouth, Fairview, Fiske, Harvard, Highland, James, John, Larkin, Middlesex, Miner, Mt. Pleasant, North, Perley, Princeton, Quigley, Richardson, Roosevelt, Tobin & Walter Weide. (10/20/15) Aberdeen, Bradford, Burton, Dayton, Doral, Lovett, Maynard, Meadowbrook, Shelby & Sugden. (10/28/15) Anna, Bisson, Columbia, Edgelawn, Fairview, Hatikva, Hollow Ridge, Lamplighter, LeMay, Leon, Marose, Merilda, Miner, North, Poulten's Green, Richardson & Western. (11/16/15) Archambault, Balsam, Barry, Bel Air, Bellevue, Berkeley, Bowl, Castlewood, Catamaran, Cemetery, Charlemont, Claude, Colonial, Conifer Hill, Crooked Spring, Daisy, Danforth, Davis, Dennison, Devonshire, Drexel, Eclipse, Grandview, Graniteville, Gregory, Housatonic, Joy, Jordan, Joyce, Kirby, LaFayette, Leitrim, Lemire, Loiselle, Longview, Lynch, Manwell, Matthew, Meadowbrook, Moccasin, Moonbeam, Naylor, Oakwood, Old Farm, Old Middlesex, Old Westford, Orchard, Parkhurst, Penni, Pleasant, Pilgrim, Princess, Radcliffe, Rainbow, Ridgewood, Roaen, Rutledge, School, Smith, Starlight, Stevens, Stedman, Stony Brook, Strawberry Hill, St Nicholas, Sturbridge, Sunrise, Susan, Waverly, Wesley, Westchester, Wiggin, Wilson. (11/30/15) Five Vision Data listers are working currently in neighborhoods through Map 50: Arbutus, Archway, Arlington, Bayberry, Berkshire, Birchwood, Boardwalk, Brentwood, Butt Hinge, Carlisle, Charles, Checkerberry, Chelmsford, Clinton, Clydesdale, Conifer Hill, Deca, Delwood, Dorrance, Draycoach, Dulgarian, East Sheppard, Erlin, Essex, Evergreen, Fair, Fairbanks, Footpath, Fuller, Garland, Gorham, Grandview, Hilltop, Horseshoe, Housatonic, Indian, Jensen, Kimberly, LaFayette, Lancaster, Locke, Longspur, Miland, Montview, Monument Hill, Newtowne, Oriole, Osborn, Overlook, Peachtree, Pennsylvania, Percheron, Pineview, Quessy, Robert Bigelow, Sanford, Schofield, School, Spruce, Sycamore, Sylvan, Talbot, Todd, Village View, Walnut, Wenham, Westland, Wiggin, Wildwood, Windsor, Woodbine. (12/10/15) Lister continue through Map 60: Albina, Applewood, "B", Bailey, Baldwin, Beaulieu, Brothers, "C", Cathy, Chestnut, Churchill, Clancy, Clara, Clear, Columbus, Cortez, Courtland, Crap Apple, Cypress, Dalton, Delmore, Donald, Downing, Driftwood, Dunstan, Eagle Nest, East Randall, Edgewood, Fern, Field, Francis, Glen, Gristone, Hawthorne, Hidden, Huntley, Ideal, Jonathan, Juniper, Lantern, Lillian, Linwood, Longmeadow, Manahan, Maple, Marshall, McIntosh, Melody, Morgan, Norman Smith, Oak Knoll, Piccadilly, Pineneedle, Priscilla, Randall, Riverneck, Seneca, Spaulding, Stearns, Subway, Sunset, Tanglewood, Thomas, Westford, Winslow, Woodlawn & Woodlot. (Jan 5 2016) Listers continue through Map 81 on the following streets: Alexandria, Allen, Amble, Astilbe, Bentley, Biltmore, Blackmer, Blacksmith, Boyds, Brick Kiln, Bridge, Bridle, Buckman, Canter, Carelton, Carter, Chestnut Hill, Clarke, Cliff, Clover Hill, Conestoga, Cove, Crosby, Dawn, Diane, Doyle, Flint, Forrest, Gelding, Gifford, Golden Cove, Grove, Hemlock, Hildreth, Hillcrest, Hitchinpost, Hornbeam Hill, Hostler, J Ferreira, Jennafer, Knob Hill, Larssen, Latch, Livery, Makayla, McFarlin, McHugh Farm, Merritt, Misty Meadow, Monmouth, Moore, Murray Hill, New Fletcher, New Spaulding, Newtowne, North, Northgate, Old Westford, Ossipee, Packard, Pasture, Pennock, Perham, Pine Hill, Pleasant, Plum, Prancing, Rack, Roy Clough, Sarah, Scott, Sears, Shedd, Skyview, Southgate, Sprague, Stedman, Thomas William, Thoreau, Trotting, Turnpike, Vineyard, Virginia, Wagontrail, Whippletree, Worthen. (1/11/16) through Map 90: Acton, Bartlett, Billerica, Brook, Chatham, Combs, First, Fleetwood, Galloway, George, Helen, High, King, Lady Slipper, Lilac, Littleton, Luan, Manhattan, Marion, Montcastle, Montclair, Nicholas, Patriot, Rivermeadow, Second, Sheehan, Singlefoot, Somerset, Summer, Tollcross, Warren & Winter. (1/26/16) through Map 100: Ann's Way, Ansie, Autumn, Betsy, Boston, Brian, Chamberlain, Deana, Derringer, Douglas, East Putnam, Eugenie, Fenwick, Frederick, Gail, Gilwood, Hall, Hancock, Hillside, Hunt, Jagged Rock, Jessie, Kate, Kensington, Lauderdale, Locust, Manor, Nashoba, Oak, Pearson, Pendleton, Porter, Ray Hill, Reid, Robin Hill, Sterling, Stonegate, Summit, Tadmuck, Third, University & York. (2/10/16) through Map 122: Adirondack, Alamo, Alcorn, Algonquin, Arthur, Barton Hill, Bello, Biscayne, Bishop, Blaisdell, Bonanza, Brittany, Brush Hill, Burning Tree, Buttercup, Byam, Cambridge, Charlesgate, Clipper, Comanche, Common, Concord, Country Club, Craig, Crockett, Dewolfe, Dominic, Donna, Drew, Eldorado, Elizabeth, Empire, Equestrian, Farley Brook, Fay, Fifth Ln, Fourth Ln, Fox Haven, Freeman, Gallup, Garrison, Grady, Green Valley, Greenacre, Hall, Harvey, Hazen, Holstein, Hoyt, Jaimie, Janet, Jerridge, Johnson, Julio, Justin, Kenwood, Kevin, Linden, Lisa, Lone Pine, Lord, Lori, Mansfield, Marchildon, Marina, Meadowcrest, Milestone, Mill, Minuteman, Muriel, Nadine, Nevada, Noble, Old Stage, Owl's Nest, Parker, Parkerville, Parlee, Pecos, Pinewood, Pomfret, Prairie, Queen, Ranch, Raymond, Regina, Roberts, Rolling Green, Rosemary, Ruthellen, Samuel, San Rosa, Sands, Second Ln, Shandel, Smokerise, South Row, Stage, State, Steeple, Taylor, Temi, Topeka, Velvet, Viken, Vincent, Warwick, Wedgewood, Wells Fargo, Wildes, Wisteria, Woodhead. (2/23/16) Vision Listers continue through Map 127 on the following streets: Armand, Azalea, Bentas, Clarissa, Coach, Comanche, Cranberry, Dobson, Elm, Fieldstone, Fifth Ln, Fisher, Gage, Gary, Hart, Herbert, Higate, Holly, Howard, Judith, Kastraki, Kristin, Lakeside, Laredo, Meehan, Minot, Northview, Park, Pond, Purcell, Rio Grande, San Mateo, Sixth Ln, Sonora, Thornton, Tuttle, Waco & Westview. (3/1/2016) Vision Listers continue throughout the Town through Map 141: Arrowhead, Belmont, Braeburn, Cady, Carriage, Crescent, Deer Run, Delpha, Eagle Cliff, Etta, Evans, Green Way, Lamda, Marigold, Morning Glory,
Mt Auburn, Natalie, Northview, Northview, Omega, Proctor, Sleigh, Southwood, Strobel, Surrey, Trailside, & Zeus.

If you were not home when the Listers visited your home, you will receive a letter in the mail requesting that an inspection date & time be set up with the Lister at your convenience. The Board of Assessors thank you for your cooperation & assistance.