1. Agendas & Minutes

    Check out the Agenda Center if you are looking for information on past Board or Committee meetings.

  2. Annual Budget

    View the past and present annual town budget documents.

  3. Bids

    Browse open bids for consultants, service providers, contractors, vendors, and suppliers.

  4. Building Permits

    Visit our online permit database for a list of the permits you can apply for.

  5. Chelmsford Telemedia

    Check out public meetings, educational and community programming

  6. Demographics

    Discover the 2012 quick facts of the Town of Chelmsford.

  7. Events

    Look for upcoming organization and department events.

  8. Historic Records

    Interested in local historic records? Search the archives on line here.

  9. Housing

    Check out what housing opportunities we have in Chelmsford.

  10. Municipal Codes & Bylaws

    Visit ecode 360 for the Town of Chelmsford, Massachusetts Municipal Code.

  11. On-line Documents

    Search the document center for posted documents related to Town Departments, Town Meeting and Boards & Committees.

  12. Public Records

    Learn how you can request a public record.

  13. Recycling Flyer

    Get information on Recycling schedule and dates for special Recycling Events